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zoodle The Perfect Marriage of Green things! I'm a big fan of Pesto and a big fan of Pasta! But there are days that I just want to go about my favorite dishes a little lighter! Because I'm gluten free, if I do pasta I tend to lean towards brown rice pasta, BUT lately I've been feeling a little extra bloated which means my body is trying to work something out so I'm steering towards more anti-inflammatory foods, enter in my Zoodles, Zucchini Noodles!! And kicking dairy out is another way to ditch that bloat and inflammation so I made a tasty dinner using Zoodles and my dairy free Avocado Pesto! You can pair with any protein, I went for chicken! You of course don't have to use my Avocado Pesto to sauce up your fancy little zoodles, all sauces will do!

Click Here for : How to Make Zoodles

Click Here for : Dairy Free Avocado Pesto

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