Adventures at Fantasy Frostings & My Sister the Bride

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Adventures at Fantasy Frostings & My Sister the Bride


My sister, Karley and her husband, Jon just celebrated their 1 year Wedding Anniversary! I'm so happy for the two of them and the way they have chosen to do life together and grow together. They have had a big year full of transitions and changes since the day they said "I do". They moved back "home" to Oregon after living in Orange County for the last 3 years, they transitioned to new positions in their jobs that transferred them, and they have just bought a house that is being built and they should get to move in any day now! BIG first year of marriage in my opinion, but it's nothing like the trying times that pull you closer together.

Last summer, life with the Molzahn family (especially us girls) was all wedding with Bridal showers, Bachelorette Parties, and of course the wedding planning and beautiful wedding itself. Karley had three showers, one for her friends in California and two in Oregon with her lifelong friends and family. It was busy but so much fun and of course memorable.

I had the honor as Karley's Maid of Honor to plan a shower, I planned the California one. Our Aunt Diane, the hippest Aunt I know (no disresepect to my other's they have their own best qualities) helped me co-host this shower at her gorgeous penthouse over the water in Laguna Beach. Karley chose polka dots & purple and yellow for her details of the shower and she wanted to have a salad bar, mashed potato bar, and dessert bar... catch the theme? ;) The food was a great highlight of the day (next to the view), but the dessert bar was our favorite detail.

Our friends at Fantasy Frostings in Pasadena invited us to their bakery so that we could be hands on and create the sweet treats for my sister's bridal shower, it was sooo much fun! Karley, our mom, and friend Viv went to Pasadena the night before the shower to create our masterpiece of a dessert bar. Mr. & Mrs. Frostings (Earl & Leslie) taught us some fun tricks in the bakery, and they even cleared a section for me to create a gluten free sweetie pies that I could enjoy! Luckily, our adventures were captured on video...

Watch our adventures in the Fantasy Frostings Bakery:

Tenley Visits Fantasy Frostings from Isabel Gonzalez on Vimeo.

As you can tell we had a lot of fun inside the bakery! For the record, they're name isn't Fantasy Frostings for nothing, I Love their frosting!

And the Finished Product of Karley's California Bridal Shower:

The Dessert Bar included cake pops, strawberry shortcake shooters, mini Key Lime pies, Gluten Free Sweetie Pies, Red Velvet Cupcake, and a divine Cake!

*Gluten Free Tip: I had my own Sweetie Pies in a separate container in the kitchen to avoid cross-contamination and left the rest out for display.


1) A perfect day for my Sister and Mom even came down from Oregon to celebrate and help me out!
2) I loved this frame so i got it to use as a centerpiece and give to my sister as a gift.
3) My sister's California bridesmaids (Vanessa, Karley, Me, & Viv)

I'm a sucker for wedding photos, so I included a few extra pictures of the wedding day for you guys!

The wedding photos owned and taken by Dominique Berho

The Family with our new addition to the family, Jonathan

The whole wedding party!

The Bride & Groom's First Dance

There was Karaoke and lots of dancing!

My handsome date and love
                                 AND NOW...

Introducing..... Mr. & Mrs. Styles



Thanks to our Videographer, Isabel González for spending the evening with us in the bakery!

Contact Isabel:
Isabel Cinémathèque
contact:  [email protected]
phone: 310.490.7221 | twitter: LifeAsIz

To Contact our Awesome Friends at Fantasy Frostings:
[email protected]
Leslie Maynor Anderson & Earl anderson



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