What Motivates you to MOVE?!

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What Motivates you to MOVE?!

I asked you that question and you said…

“ME Time- breaking away from responsibilities for a moment”

“Being able to move is a GIFT.”


“To enjoy the FOOD I want to”

“The way I feel AFTER”

“For my KIDS- to be able to keep up with them”

“ACCOUNTABILITY - sharing a goal, and having someone hold me to it.”

“To LIVE a long and happy Life”

I received HUNDREDS of answers when I asked this question, and I read every single one of them and was absolutely inspired by each response. I found myself incredibly motivated to get moving as I saw these answers coming through, so thank you for sharing!

I’m motivated to move for several reasons. The way it makes me feel. There truly is a “high” afterwards with those endorphins pumping through. I feel balanced: mind, body, and soul. It gives me energy. I feel confident knowing that I’m doing my best to take care of myself. I love feeling strong and able. I also believe that my body was made to move, it’s a gift, and I should use it!!

Obviously, there are extreme health benefits to moving your body! From weight control, digestion, prevention of heart disease, to help your body combat inflammation, to build strength and flexibility, and so so much more! (All of this on another day, another blog…)

I think of Movement as one of the greatest “soul foods” and ways of self care, and it’s incredibly important to prioritize into your life.

Notice, I haven’t use the word “work out”, as many find themselves stuck on that word and moving their body becomes a daunting task instead of a gift or treat for yourself! Is that you? Is “working out” a daunting feeling and more of a “task”? Well, I want you to think about it for a moment… change your approach, moving your body is TRULY a Treat!!! Movement doesn’t always have to look like hours at the gym, running, or taking class. Sure, those things will absolutely be extra beneficial to you, but the goal here is to find your motivation to move and to realize that it’s easier than you think to just add a little bit of movement into your daily life!

My clients always ask me how many days they should be moving, or working out. My approach: We are all very different and need to listen to our own bodies. But my personal goal is to move every single day. Why not?! That doesn’t necessarily mean going on a long run, or to a barre class, or yoga on a daily basis. Of course, if that was what my body was asking for, I could do that! But on days that I don’t “hit it hard”, I try to take a walk, ride my bike, go on a hike, or recreational climbing, or something active with a friend or my husband. Sometimes I just choose to stretch or do a few exercises while watching tv! (I do this a lot, because we’re always winding down with the tv… that’s at least 20 minutes I can add in some movement instead of just sitting.)

I believe that moving your body is a way of self care. And I know many feel like they don’t have time for it. I hear you, some days that is the case for myself, but I always try to find something… like taking the stairs instead of the elevator! It helps when you find your motivation- why should you move? Set a goal for how many days you want to include movement, and what that looks like to you!! Plan it. Make time for YOU. We weren’t meant to sit all day, we were actually created to MOVE!!

I am excited to follow this up someday soon with how to show up for yourself and simple ways to add movement into your life. Until then, I challenge you to just start moving, and answer these questions:

What motivates you to move? 

What are some ways you can add movement into your daily life?

How are you going to make that movement happen in your life?

Get yourself moving, think of it as a gift, cause it is!

You are so worth it!!! 

Thank you for sharing with me and inspiring me. As always, let’s keep the conversation going!!! Share in the comments below!!

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