What is Your Tummy Telling You?

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TummyTellingYouWhat is your tummy telling you?? From the day that I was born I dealt with chronic stomach issues... we don't really need to go into details. ;)  It took me 25 years, many doctor visits, lots of tests, and tons of pain to figure out the root of this cause. Turns out for me, that was gluten. But my health journey didn't stop there, it was just the beginning. I had finally found my greatest enemy (gluten), removed it, but there was so much healing to be done! The gut damage I had was taking a toll on my energy, my immune system, my hormones, and I was still experiencing some stomach discomfort (it was still a huge difference compared to the pain I had experience nearly my whole life). All of this opened the door to my own journey to venturing into a career in nutrition, but it also led me to my nutritionist, Christa! With Christa's many years of experience with gut repair with her clients and her clinical background she helped me heal all of this! I'm healthy now and have so much freedom from all the pain I ever knew!


So what is your tummy telling you? It turns out that our guts pretty much run us. Yep, your gut is kind of the boss and can be the trigger point to hormonal imbalance, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, inflammation, food sensitivities, and so much more. I'm so excited that Christa is offering the program she walked me through, that has  healed me completely, in an online program! And TODAY, October 7th she is offering her online program for $100 OFF!! This offer is good until midnight tonight PST. Check her program out HERE! To learn more about food sensitivities, thyroid, and so much more watch Christa's Free Video Nutrition series HERE! Make sure you add your email so you will begin receiving the free videos!

Time to take care of YOU!!! 





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