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What Would YOU Do?


My buddy Robert works on an awesome show called What Would You Do. Because of him I've been trying to catch it as often as possible (Friday nights, 9PM EST/PST on ABC). They always have great scenarios that really make me think "What Would I Do?" This last Friday, one of the segments tugged at my heart strings. Even though it was just a scenario observing how most passer by's would react to a situation, this one felt so real to me.


        What Would YOU Do?


What were your thoughts after watching this? Did you think about what you would have done in that situation?

The older gentleman, Arnie, at the end really put this whole situation into perspective for me. We've all been through hard times, different struggles, different situations, but what was it that got you through that time? For me, it is always hope that was provided by the love, support, and encouragement from loved ones, friends, and sometimes it's even strangers. Sadly, some don't have the support system that many of us are blessed with, so guess what? We are the support system- we as human beings have the responsibility to lend a hand whenever needed, and that may be just a simple dose of hope through a smile, a positive comment, or a hot dinner.

In this particular situation, shown in this segment I know that I wouldn't have been okay with the bartender pocketing the money or turning the guy away, but would I have said something? It sure makes me think. After seeing this, I wanted to crawl through the screen to get to know the "homeless" man and see how I could help (even though he was an actor). It brought to my attention that I need to be more about ACTION not about thinking, what I would do or could I do- I just need to DO!

Here is a challenge for ALL of us...

Let's be compassionate people NOT judgmental-- we don't know the story behind someone's situation

Thoughts of what we can do in the future...

1) My sweet sister Karley has shown me a great example of compassion and thoughtfulness. When Karley was in high school, she would go to the mall with her girlfriends like any teenage girl. What was different about this situation was there was a "less fortunate" man that was set up on the road near the mall. Karley had some extra socks, granola bars, and water in the car for some reason and she decided that man needed those things. He was grateful to say the least and I truly believe she planted some hope for this man. From that day on she continued to keep the car stocked with items that she could give away. I don't know why it has taken me until today to decide to do this too, but from now on I'm going to carry a few extra items in my purse or car so that I will have something to hand out to those that say that they're in need.

2) When I was in middle school I participated in something called "30 Hour Famine" with my youth group. I went 30 hours being hungry, but during my hours of hunger we were proactive in feeding those that lived like that daily. We made TONS of PB&J sandwiches and passed them out during the day, we spent the evening at a soup kitchen, and we also simply spent time with the people we met. Those thirty hours were impactful, yet I will be honest and say, I spend more time thinking about doing these things than actually doing them. By November, I will make sandwiches to hand out and will volunteer at a soup kitchen. Hopefully this will happen more than once. Now that I have said this on here, you have permission to hold me accountable.

3) If you are involved with a church or volunteer organization look to see what kind of outreach ministries/programs they have to get involved in. I'm sure they have several different ways that you can get involved and share some hope. A unique ministry I was a part of a couple years ago was a motel ministry in my community. We took food, clothes, diapers, baby food, and ourselves to hang out at a motel one Saturday morning a month. There were several different reasons why the people and families were living in these motels, but the point wasn't the past, the point was what we could do to give them hope to a future.

4) Sometimes helping someone else just takes extra time. Maybe you pass someone standing on the side of the road and you don't have anything with you to pass on, but you have a couple minutes to spare... Drive through the nearest drive through and grab something hot and filling (and a water) and take it back to that person. It will take just an extra 10-15 minutes of your time and your fancy coffee money for the day.

5) Pay it forward. Not everyone that is in need of some extra hope is standing on the corner, they may be that person standing in line behind you at the coffee shop or in the car behind you at the drive thru. Try paying for the stranger's beverage or sandwich (or whatever it may be), you'd be surprised by the joy it brings and how it encourages others to continue to pay it forward. I'm sure many of you have heard of this, maybe some of you have taken part, or perhaps you've been on the receiving end. It feels good, right?!

There is so much more that we could all do besides the 5 things listed above to be more compassionate and to share some hope and love. Please share with me some of your ideas or things you've done in the past. Lastly, let's not let these things just be ideas, let's take ACTION!

I'm challenging each and everyone of you (myself included) to take action!

Choose at least 1 thing from this list to extend a hand to someone who can use it.

Please share with me your stories.

What WILL You Do?!



Thank you What Would You Do for provoking these thoughts. Bravo Julian Quinones and team on the segment you produced.

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