Spacation Girls Weekend at La Costa Resort & Spa

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"Surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart, and nourish your soul."

Life. It's such a wild ride, isn't it? If I could share every detail with you, and I'm sure if you could share every detail of your life with me, we would stand staring at each other with our hands over our mouths surprised by the challenges and heartaches we face as we go about our daily lives. But I guarantee you, if we stood with each other sharing all of our blessings, we would be smiling and so happy for one another.

My friends have become a lifeline for me, a huge blessing! They have given me a safe space to share my highs and my lows. Truly, they inspire me, teach me, encourage me, and their presence in my life nourishes my soul!

The last several months have been busy... I like being busy, so I feel like I say this often, but within the "busy" I like to make time for some R&R and a good ol' girls weekend when I can! Recently, I grabbed two girlfriends that I thought could use some R&R as well, and we took a staycation right here, in my community at Omni La Costa Resort & SpaI actually called it a "Spa-cation" because that's exactly what La Costa is. It was a relaxing retreat and time away from our regular long list of to do's. We let go of our responsibilities and traded them in for spa treatments, we drank champagne, and ordered desserts. It was perfect!

Here's a look inside my fabulous Spacation Girl's Weekend at La Costa Resort! 


When I arrived at La Costa, they sent me straight to the Spa to start relaxing. I enjoyed a deep tissue massage, and it was perfectly intense! Ask for Julissa, if you need to get all those kinks of stress worked out of you! I followed my massage by laying by the pool with a Raspberry Bellini, dipping in the jacuzzi, and relaxing in the sauna!

Then my first friend arrived... Miss Kristen! And we "Wined and Dined" each other at Blue Fire Grill.



They had GLUTEN FREE Bread!! Anywhere that has gluten free bread becomes a favorite of mine, and it was quality bread too! I know, I'm a simple foodie to please. The staff here was amazing, extremely accommodating, and so friendly! We even ended up inviting Joey, the manager of the restaurant to sit down with us because he was that much fun! Oh! And we both had our first banana split ever that night... and we proudly licked the plate!

Hijacked golfcart1

Then of course we had to hijack the golf cart. Now, I don't think this is a encouraged activity, so if you end up as a guest at La Costa, I don't recommend trying this! P.S. We didn't actually hijack this golf cart... I should probably be clear about that, so I'm not added to a wanted list! ;)

jumping dresses


And then what better way to end your first night of girls weekend with full bellies than hours of playing with your self timer and jumping on the bed?! And yes, we did a costume change! Haha. Welcome to the relationship between Tenley and Kristen!

Gfree burrito breaky

Another win for La Costa... a gluten free Breakfast Burrito!! Kristen and I woke up in our cozy room and wandered over to the Marketplace hoping to find an easy breakfast that I could eat too! And Voila! The breakfast burrito was so yummy AND they also had a gluten free scone! Made my day, I ended up getting it to snack on later, just because it was such a treat!Chess

Soooo, when Kristen and I get together we always have fun with mini photo shoots as if we were in 3rd grade! We both don't know how to play chess, but it certainly looked like a great place to stop and take a few pictures! Haha.


Kristen had to head out back into the real world, but my dear friend, Marissa was finally done with her responsibilities for the weekend so she joined me by the pool for some Spa time!

Probably one of my favorite things at La Costa is this lunch from the Spa Cafe. The chicken Salad! Mmmm, my favorite!

Spa lunch

And what could be better than sitting around in a bathrobe all day?! Loved this!

spa lunch with robe

Joy Spa Pool RissnTen

For the rest of the day, Marissa and I drank Raspberry Spritzers, relaxed under the Roman Showers, and sat in the jacuzzi until the sun went down. We also enjoyed facials that were super necessary as we both had recently returned home from crazy travels to the Philippines working at an orphanage there! (P.S. Ask for Marta for your facial!)Dinner with wine

Then came dinner at Bistro 65. Look at this balanced meal! A cheese plate, brussel sprouts, wine, and chocolate gelato! I mean, it's girl's weekend, these are essentials, right?! ;)Chocolate gelato raspberries

A must have for your Spa-cation is a good hat! And with that, that's a wrap!

Spa weekend hat

{Photo from snapchat of course! follow me: TenleyMolzahn}

It was the perfect weekend of much needed girl time, laughter, good food, relaxation, sunshine, and the list could keep going. I'm grateful that we were able to make a weekend like this happen. I encourage all of you to make room in your schedules, even if you create a spacation/staycation in your own home. Dinners, pampering, girlfriends can happen anywhere! Most importantly, step away from life (when appropriate) and make some time to reset and enjoy with those that nourish your soul, and make some much needed time for YOU!

Always be counting your blessings!


P.S. Share your staycation/spacation ideas in the comments! Ideas always help inspire others to make awesome things happen for themselves!

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