Tenley’s Favorite Simple Coffee Upgrades!

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The fact that I love coffee is no secret! And some are surprised by my daily cup as I work in the holistic health  and wellness world. Coffee isn't all that bad, but there are a few reasons why I may personally take a break from time to time, or even suggest my clients to slow down their coffee consumption.  (More on that in a future post!) Truth is, over the years, I have made some HUGE changes with how much coffee I consume and what is in my cup.

Upgrading what is in your cup can actually boost your energy even more throughout the day vs. slow you down-which most of our coffee drinks actually do. These simple upgrades can also help you lean out your mid-section, as most of the additions we're adding into our fancy coffees are slowing down our metabolism… and all those sugary and milky substances like to make themselves at home around that waistline. You can restore healthy digestion and even give yourself a little beauty love through some of my favorite coffee upgrades!


-Decrease the Milk!! Most people can't digest milk as good as they think they can. Perhaps you don't have any signs (that you can feel or see) that milk isn't for you, but it may not be doing you as great as a favor as you hope for it to be doing. If you're a super committed milk drinker, change that latte into an americano, and asked for a "splash" of steamed milk to top it off! Or upgrade to a almond milk, or coconut milk!

-Decrease the Syrup! Hello sugar! A lot of my clients have been in a rut with weight loss, and they have tried so many things before coming to me. Once we talk about their coffee ritual and make this simple upgrade they finally start seeing some changes in that waistline! Baby step yourself down from the amount of that sugary substance you're adding into your cup, ask for "half sweet" or "half the pumps" or even "one pump"! And if you're really ready to kick that sugar, this is one item you'll find in my purse at all times, Liquid Vanilla Stevia! (just a few drops go a long way, so start with the smallest drop and find your "sweet spot") *stevia is from a plant!

-Ditch the Fake Stuff! This probably isn't new news, but if you're using something in a yellow, pink, or blue sugar packet… toss that stuff as quickly as you possibly can!! These little packets that you've been told are great subs for sugar are little packets of chemicals, and they will wreak havoc on your whole system, from your brain to your joints, to your very important digestive system. (This is again, another great future post!) Here's your upgrades, this is easy: Carry or reach for the Stevia Packets to sweeten your Coffee (or tea), or use Liquid Stevia, or for a low glycemic sugar option, use Organic Coconut Sugar! If you frequent the coffee shop like me, I always have my favorite option in my purse. You can always carry a little baggy of coconut sugar… or look, now you can carry Coconut Sugar Packets! And of course, raw organic (especially) local honey is an incredible sweetener to add in, or a little bit of Organic REAL Maple Syrup!

-Spice it Up! Add in some Organic Cinnamon or Cardamom to add some flavor without the sugars and calories. Both of these spices are excellent for heart health, cholesterol balancing, revving up your metabolism, balancing your blood sugar, anti-inflmmatory properties, and so much more! The best part, you probably have both of these spices in your spice cabinet already!

-Say Goodbye to Soy!  This can be a super controversial topic, and a great topic for another blog post, but if you're a soy drinker, I recommend you placing that cardboard box of soy back on the shelf. Soy is one of the most popular food sensitivities. As most soy comes from genetically modified mass productions, that in itself is scary. But what you may not know is how much that "Venti Iced Soy Latte" that you're drinking and thinking is healthy is harming you. This was me! When I first started my baby steps to healing my whole body, Soy had to go. It had destroyed my endocrine system… hormones. I was one chick off her rocker some days, and had a wild female cycle! Luckily some simple upgrades and a few weeks of deep work, and saying goodbye to soy changed everything for me. Try using unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk. If those don't work for you, there are lots of other great non-dairy options out there!

-Add In the Good Stuff! This is my favorite upgrade— adding in all of the good stuff that can help restore your whole body, add in energy, and help keep your metabolism working with you! Here's my list:

-Coconut Oil! I add in about 1 tbsp. to my coffee. It's dreamy!! Coconut oil is incredible for brain health, energy, and metabolism! Oh yes! {Read more about the benefits of coconut oil on This Blog!}

-Collagen! Another addition to my daily cup. I add about 1-2 tbsp (I eyeball it) of powdered collagen/gelatin, which is like a protein powder (without tasting like one— this is flavorless) in my cup! And of course we all know that collagen is great for skin, nails, hair, so I'm getting a big scoop of beauty love, AND it's helping my gut restore itself, as my gut should be the most loved, but I'm human and I could use a little extra help! ;)

-Maca! Maca root is a fabulous and powerful superfood. Known as an "adaptogenic herb", this is an excellent hormone balancer. Great for men and women. You don't need much, just 1 tsp will give you all the punch you need! Maca tastes nutty and malty. I think that when it is blended with Coffee it has a nice butterscotch scent and flavor! Not only is Maca a great hormone balancer, but it's also a great source of energy. My one recommendation here is don't take it close to bed time!

-Cacao!! Okay Chocolate lovers, this one is for you. No need for all that chocolatey mocha sauce anymore. Make your own mochas! Cacao is a superfood full of anti-oxidants, iron, magnesium, everything us ladies need! So no shame in your game when you crave chocolate, but just make sure you're reaching for the real stuff. For my clients that love Mocha's I have them take a little baggy of Cacao with them to the coffee shop. They order an Americano with a splash of Almond or Coconut Milk, and then they add about 1 tbsp (more or less) to their cup, and a drop of Liquid Chocolate Stevia! BOOM! It's Mocha time and you're helping your body, not harming it with this superfood ingredient vs. the sugary stuff.

There are plenty amazing upgrades for your coffee! If you have an upgrade that you didn't see here, please share with me in the comments below!

{Just remember, some people could actually use a true break from coffee to create your greatest upgrades, if you're concerned that this might be you, I'm happy to chat with you in a 60 minute health coaching consultation, inquire HERE}

I hope these upgrades help you adding a true pep into your daily step!




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