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You are My Epic Love Story- Our Engagement Story!

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Tenley & Taylor

January 2016 I had finally found true contentment and truly handed over my worries to God about finding “the one”. It had been two years of not being in a committed relationship. I certainly didn’t love being single, I absolutely wanted more, but I finally trusted that it was going to happen and I didn’t need to try to steer the wheel anymore. So with a surrendered, trusting, and care-free heart here’s where the story begins…

January 18, 2016. I received the sweetest text from a stranger I had ever received. It was sincere, confident, transparent, and kind. To get that from one simple text I think says a lot. It was Taylor.

Our mutual friend, Weston had bumped into me the Friday night before telling me there was this guy in his Bible Study he thought I should meet. I said, “no thanks”. Not sure why I said no, because I don’t know how I thought …

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