Workout with my iPad

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Workout with my iPad

Confession... I despise the gym, but I love fitness and working out. Anyone else in my shoes?

I hear you! Glad we're in this together.

So what do I do at the gym and why do I even bother?

Truth is, I don't hate the gym completely. Once I get myself to the gym and get my workout in, I feel great by the time I'm heading home. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to get myself to the gym, but I have found a few tricks that get me there and make my time enjoyable. Yep, I said enjoyable.

More than half of my workouts I do outdoors or in a class, but sometimes there is no way around the gym. Plus, I have a gym membership, and once you get to know me you learn that I'm not a wasteful person, so I have to make sure I get my money's worth out of the gym! ;)

My tricks for making the gym "fun"... It's all about the iPad and iPhone and the Fat Burning System I follow!

1) I have started reading books on my iPad while running on the treadmill. This is sooo much easier for me than trying to turn pages, hold a page, or even keep the book balancing. For some reason my eyes hold steady to the words on the page on my iPad and pages aren't wildly turning. This keeps me distracted to the fact that I'm running on a stationary belt. I LOVE running, but need some scenery. I also set goals if I'm having a hard time, for example, I will make myself run for two more chapters. You can also get magazines and other types of reading material on your iPad. Try it out!

2) The awesome Lifestyle Plan I follow includes workouts. A new workout is sent to me in my email almost every week! They usually have a video on youtube posted that you can follow and also provide downloadable and printable versions of the workouts. Often I have time to watch them on youtube once through to see how it's done, but most often I click on the link they send and download to my PDF files in iBooks (on iPad or iPhone). This has honestly changed so much for me as it has made it possible for me to pick up a few weights, a stability ball, or even step aside in the gym for a circuit workout. Every time I do these workouts I feel "worked". The next morning I always wake up sore, but good sore. The other plus side, there are enough workouts that keep me well-rounded and give me options so that I won't plateau. So all you've gotta do for extra workouts, which is convenient wherever you are (gym, hotel room, beach, home), is sign up for your weekly emails or the nutrition plan and get your weekly, monthly, and sometimes daily workouts. They show up in you email inbox and then you can download to your favorite device.

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