How to Host a Gluten Free Party

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How to Host a Gluten Free Party

four tips for your next gluten free gathering

Living a gluten free life is more than a trend. It’s a lifestyle that I live every day. Take it from me, there’s nothing worse than getting stuck at a party or getting ready to dine out without any gluten-free options. The last thing us gluten free eaters want is to feel like a burden to friends. Am I right, or am I right? ;) When I have gatherings I like to show my friends how it's done so they can better understand what I can eat, and how I eat, and that "my food" really does taste just as good and sometimes even better than "glutenous" food! I always like to put a healthy spin on my snacks and treats too so everybody walks away feeling good. Everything on this menu fits in perfectly with the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan that I live by... in other words "TIU Approved". ;)

This end of summer/welcome to fall party menu is all about dipping! I love dips, you can't go wrong!

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Here are a few of my favorite, easy and delicious tips for your next get-together...

1) Slice a Dark Chocolate Cherry SOYJOY into bite size pieces and lay them on a plate with assorted berries. Put toothpicks in each bite so that they're easy to grab for your guests, and to make it easy to dip! Yep, I said dip. These Dark Chocolate Cherry SOYJOY bites you've just created are great dipped in Greek yogurt, melted dark chocolate, and/or almond butter. Dip & enjoy!! *To add some flavor to your Greek Yogurt you can add a little honey, cinnamon, or stevia. Remember, a little goes a long way!

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2) Whip up some of my Gluten Free Avocado Pesto Dip and serve with veggies, like carrots and snap peas,  gluten-free crackers, or kale chips. *This Avocado Pesto Dip is usually a sauce that I use for pasta dishes, but I'm obsessed with using it as a dip for all kinds of things, I think you will be too!

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3) Slice up a cucumber and roma tomato and make some Cucumber Tomato Bites. Place cucumbers on a plate, spread a spreadable goat cheese or whipped cream cheese and top with a slice of tomato. Sprinkle each bite with pepper and sea salt (or my favorite, Himalayan pink salt) and enjoy every single colorful bite! *A little goes a long way with the salt & pepper.

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4) No party is complete without wine or beer! Try serving the newest gluten-free beer or cider options! I'm off to get my beverages right now for my little evening I have planned with a few of my close girlfriends!


There's always a good reason to gather with your friends, and there is certainly no reason my gluten free friends should ever go hungry! If you're not gluten free, but hosting someone that is, make it easy for yourself and serve everything gluten free, it leaves no question for anyone. Just take these four tips from above and cheers away!


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Disclaimer: I am an official brand ambassador for SOYJOY. While I receive compensation for my participation as a brand ambassador, opinions are all my own.

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