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The Cross Necklace Story in Paradise

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Necklace Story Pic

“Be the Light” Matthew 5:14


My Cross Necklace.

I received a very beautiful and uniquely shaped cross necklace as a gift several years ago from my family and it has been something I have worn proudly and close to my heart. I love the opportunity I get when it catches people’s eye and I have the opportunity to share what it means to me and share my faith. You may even remember seeing me wear this special necklace in my promo pictures wayyy back when when I was first on The Bachelor.

Tenley Bachelor

So here’s the story of my Cross Necklace in Paradise… One night we were all standing around the kitchen area (you know where you always see us sitting there sweating and stuffing our faces!) and Juelia said to me, “Ten, where is your necklace?!” The dainty little chain was laying broken around my neck. My heart dropped. Where is my cross?! Everyone… seriously EVERYONE, producers, camera & …

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Contest: Tenley Molzahn for TPP Shopping Spree

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I'm Breezy Baseball with Hat

As many of you know, I got to collaborate with one of my very talented besties! Alissa, owner and creator over at The Printed Palette and I created shirts that were inspired by my time in Paradise filming Bachelor in Paradise! We thought it would be fun to do a Photo Contest of YOU or You and your friends! Contest will run from now until Monday, September 14th! We’ve extended these dates!!! So get your t-shirt orders in, the Beachy Keen dress (not shirts) count too because it is in the Tenley Molzahn for TPP collection

Please submit photos to and/or tag us on instagram of the pictures you post.

Here are the Three Categories for this contest (do all of them for more chances to win!):

1) Watching BIP in your Tee

2) Best use of Foliage- we love this one, get creative!! (In your tee)

3) Girls Night!! (In your tee)

We will pick a …

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Tenley on ‘After Paradise’… Relationship Must

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ElanAshleyTenley After Paradise

I had the privilege to appear on ‘After Paradise’, and though sometimes hard to get a word in, I felt like I was given an opportunity to address a few important things to me.

1) Where I am at with my past relationship and his new life change.

2) The absolute MUST for me in a relationship.

3) That age shaming… geez, I really don’t think I’m “old”.

Here’s a clip I found for you to watch!


Only a few weeks left of Paradise! What a summer. 🙂 Thank you for supporting me. 


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Get Raw. Get Juicy. Get Balanced. It’s a comin….

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Be the first to know what we have created for YOU!!

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You Guys!!! My awesome friend, mentor, fellow nutritionist, Emily of Nourishmint Wellness and I have been busy creating something incredibly awesome for all of you searching for the simplest ways to feel like the healthiest you! I can’t wait to share more, but while we’re finishing putting all the pieces together, make sure you sign up for all the inside news and details!

I’ve been looking for a way that I can work with all of you and I think this is it!!

Let’s get raw, juicy, and balanced together!

P.S. How many exclamation points can one girl use in a blog post?! Haha. I think I covered it.


Don’t miss the fun Bachelor in Paradise inspired pieces I’ve created with The Printed Palette! 



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Get Your Fitness Groove Back

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“If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives!” 


I don’t know about you, but when I’m out of my routine I struggle with sticking to my fitness plan and goals. And really, moving and being active is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves. Movement is good for your mind, soul, and body! Don’t sell yourself short. These Top 5 Tips Below will help you get your fitness groove back or even get it started if the idea of getting started hasn’t felt realistic or maybe it’s even been intimidating. Ready?! Let’s get moving!

Tenley’s Top 5: To Get Your Fitness Groove Back

1) Schedule your workouts! We show up for coffee or happy hour with friends, so why don’t we show up for ourselves? If it’s on your calendar, commit to showing up, make yourself a priority just as much as you prioritize others.

2) Plan ahead: Pack or set

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