Get in on the Skinny – Benefits of a Pure Coconut Oil

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I’ve gone crazy for coconuts. Like really. Full on love affair! I’ve been using coconut oil for a couple years now, but it wasn’t until recently that I met my true coconut oil love. My world has been rocked as I have introduced Skinny Coconut Oil into my diet. It’s a coconut oil that is in it’s most pure and raw form, making it highly beneficial to one’s health. A few weeks ago I notice that I had a new burst of energy even among my busy busy schedule. This burst of energy was slightly different then usual. I eat well and I drink plenty of water, which has been an anchor to my success for staying healthy and having the energy I need, but recently this energy had me feeling like I was 16! (Let’s be real, I’m 30) I had been jumping and dancing around like my golden days of being a young dancer. I was able to run even further during my runs, and keep up through the whole day with great focus and excitement for checking off my to do list. I thought of what was different in my lifestyle and it hit me… it was the Skinny Coconut Oil. It had been a few weeks of me adding two to three tablespoons of it into my day, that’s what the difference was!


 So here’s a bit of the Skinny and how I’ve been feeling so lively…

  • The Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA’s) found in Coconut Oil (and purest form in Skinny) produce lasting energy that won’t make you hit that crash, especially that mid-day crash that always get’s people down and then grazing for caffeine or sugar to give them a pick me up.
  • MCFA’s are processed directly by our liver, reducing the necessity for glucose production and not allowing the fat to be stored.
  • MCFA’s are a better and more efficient source of energy compared to carbs. But I still dig my carbs of course.
  • MCFA’s prevent muscle proteins from being used as energy and help conserve lean body mass. (I like this!)
  • Because Skinny Coconut Oil is raw, it contains all of it’s natural enzymes and I’m getting the full benefit of this amazing food source.
  • If you’ve heard of MCT oils for energy and a metabolism booster, Skinny is an unrefined source of MCT’s, most are man-made. I prefer going straight to the source for my nutrition!


How to get your Skinny in…

  • I love my skinny in my coffee! 1tbsp to 1 cup of coffee! (I carry my skinny with me in my purse)
  • In a smoothie. Try throwing a tablespoon of  Skinny into your blender, with a cup of spinach, 2 tbsp of raw cacao powder, ice, and ¼ cup of Unsweetened almond milk. Woo!
  • Eat it by adding to your popcorn, to your toast, or even your oatmeal or veggies!
  • Add to your pre and post workout shakes!


This love affair is bound to continue for a long long time. To be feeling the way I do, I know that it’s true love!


Get Your Skinny HERE!

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