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Buying Time in the Kitchen

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These days a jam-packed lifestyle seems inevitable and the norm. Was it always this way, and I’m just fully experiencing this real life hustle that’s called, “adulting”? It just seems that every single friend, family member, or nutrition client of mine that I chat with is on the same mission to find more time to add into their day. No matter how your day is filled and what your daily responsibilities might be, I feel like we are all chasing time!

(sharing one of my favorite ways to win time back and stick to my healthy lifestyle, keep reading! I’ve partnered with Green Chefto give $75 off to all my readers)

As a holistic nutrition health coach I teach healthy and balanced lifestyles. A healthy Lifestyle is sacred, but our lifestyles happen to be one of the first things to crumble as life takes us in every possible direction. I’m personally always searching to …

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Tenley’s Wedding Planning Series: Our First Look

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The Decision…

I never thought I’d want to do a first look. I’m one of those wedding goers that loves to watch the groom as he sees his bride at the end of the aisle for the first time. And I absolutely did not want to take away from getting to experience that myself.

BUT… When our own wedding planning began, I started imagining dreaming of just the two of us getting to have a moment together before the wedding. I started thinking about what the whole day is about… the two of us, and the commitment we were making, but how hard it would be to get to have an intimate moment just “us”. As the details of our day started to come together, we realized how quickly the day would fly by and the time spent with our guests would be cut short if we were to save all of our pictures …

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Tenley’s Wedding Planning Series: The Dress

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The dress. The beautiful gown the bride will be wearing the first time she see’s her groom. The gorgeous options of silk, taffeta, lace, tulle, etc. that little girls dream of dressing up in one day. It’s an important detail to the wedding day and I personally think a special rite of passage getting to try on all the gowns and step into that bridal role. And I’ve been wanting to share my personal experience and a few tips, especially because we gave ourselves a unique situation by choosing to plan our wedding in just about 15 weeks! Ah! So if you’re worried about getting your dress in time, I hope some of my tips at the end will have you covered. But First…

The First Gowns…

The first moment I tried on dresses was the day after we got engaged! Woo! No wasting time over here. It was a last minute …

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Shredding for the Wedding! 💪 In six weeks or less


Remember to Breathe in, and Breathe out Babe!

Every woman wants to feel her very best the day she walks down the aisle and says “yes” to her best friend for the rest of their lives. And before I go any further, a message to every woman (Bride or not): YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST AS YOU ARE. And you lucky girl, you found the one that loves you and chooses you for who you are! Remember that, ALWAYS! And babes that aren’t walking down the aisle quite yet, you can still follow along, because I truly believe we deserve to give ourselves the very best at all times. The results: Feeling YOUR BEST at all times! Yes, yes, yes! Are you ready for some “shredding for the wedding” tips?!

We’re in that five week countdown to my wedding day (first anniversary though- where did the time go?!), and I’ve been asked multiple times: “how did you physically get ready for …

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Our First Home: Behind the Scenes



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I’m feeling incredibly sentimental as I reflect over this past year! It has been the absolute best, and a very BIG year with some of of my greatest life adventures: Getting engaged in the beginning of 2018, planning our wedding in under 4 months, getting married, and now buying our first home together! I thought I’d share a little behind the scenes of this newest adventure of our new home…

The Frustration I’ve never shared out loud Before…

Something I haven’t ever shared before is the fact that my determined husband started looking for homes before we were even engaged. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that determination… except that he would take me with him, and we would be dreaming of our future together. I would get so frustrated thinking, shouldn’t we at least be engaged to begin dreaming about making this big financial commitment together?! Haha. What I didn’t know is that he had the …

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