Confidence is Key in Your Bikini!

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It’s Bikini season as summer is right around the corner, are you ready?!

This year I actually felt ready to hit the beach as I vacationed in Maui. Here's the secret to feeling ready...

My greatest secret for looking bikini ready is confidence. Honestly, I haven’t always had the confidence that I want to have, I am just as human as anyone else, so I have made a choice to do something about it. It wouldn't be fair of me to not share with you how I gained this dose of healthy confidence, so here we go...

Time to get really honest… I have always been active and cared about being in shape and working out, but I had horrible eating habits. I would skip meals, and end up pigging out on junk food. There was nothing fun about that, but for some reason I thought it was the way to do it. I’d be missing out on delicious meals and giving them up for junk food that made me feel horrible afterwards, and feeling horrible doesn’t help with confidence. Duh! And skipping meals messes with your metabolism and your whole system. Unfortunately it took me some time to put all of this together. Thankfully, in 2010 I met two women that changed my life. These two women became my mentors, friends, my nutritionists, and my trainers. Then they introduced me to their Lifestyle Plan, this is truly what changed my life and the way I now see myself.

As soon as I began following this new Lifestyle and Nutrition Plan, I started seeing a change in my body. I didn’t necessarily have weight to lose, but as I started eating, that’s right, EATING, I started to develop a toned body that I hadn’t had before. Like I said, I was already active (running, yoga, and circuit workouts, etc.), but once I began to change my diet by eating five meals a day and eating “better for me foods” and adding this to my already active lifestyle, I saw the biggest difference! This gave me a new confidence, one that I hadn’t ever had before. I believe this confidence came from knowing that I was doing the best I could and actually taking care of myself from the inside and out!

Proudly I share with you a happy and healthy me!

Oh, and most importantly, remember:

"Confidence is sexy, it’s your best accessory!"




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