Hot Deals for Valentine’s Day!

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Hot Deals for Valentine's Day!

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I can't believe that Cupid's beloved day is just around the corner... Already!! I'm scratching my head as I look at the calendar, because I'm still just getting  into the swing of things for this new year! I guess it's time to face the facts, February is only a few days away, and Valentine's Day will be here in no time. It's time to start thinking about gifts for your Valentine(s)!

With the help of some of my friends I was able to score all of YOU some hot deals on some of my favorite gifts to give! I've been a recipient of all of these gifts at one point, and they are things I truly love and have appreciated the thoughts behind them. Wether these gifts are for yourself or someone else, they are sure to be a hit! Make sure you pass along your wish list too! ;)



1. Juneau Luxe - Handcrafted Gemstone Bracelets

{Pictured above and below is the Capri Bracelet}

You'll catch one of these beauties from the Juneau Luxe 'Blush' Line on my wrist pretty much on a daily basis. I'm such a fan of these handmade bracelets, every single one is made with unique and high quality gemstones. There are multiple sets, all beautiful! After the first set that I received, I had to have more as they are the best addition to accessory collection! I love mixing and matching between the different sets that I have collected. I throw these on when I'm dressing up, or even just trying to look like I put a little effort in when I throw on my workout clothes or a maxi dress on my lazier mornings. ;)

10% OFF these "Gems" using code: tenten

-Place your orders by February 9th (for US orders) and February 5th (For UK & Canada orders) for Delivery in time for Valentine's Day!

Order at:


{Capri 'blush' bracelet pictured and Maxi Dress by The Printed Palette}



2. Ritual Wellness Reset Cleanse

I have a true love for juice and keeping my body in check with nutrients through well balanced juices! One of my favorite ways to incorporate juices into my everyday diet (when I don't have the time to juice for myself) is to order a few for the week from Ritual Wellness! But even better is picking a few days every other month or so to give my body a break of all the hard work it does on a daily basis with a 3-5 day reset! Ritual Wellness has an awesome Reset Cleanse that I have done several times and I'm always looking forward to my next! I guess I'm a big believer in good reset for sure! ;) Read more about my cleansing experiences HERE!

This gift is for someone that has been asking for a cleanse for awhile or even for yourself! Men, I don't recommend ordering one of these up for your lady unless you know this is something she wants! This is actually on all of my wish lists for my Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and even for my Easter Basket! Ladies (and gentlemen), this is a great gift for yourself too for Valentine's Day!

The amazing women behind Ritual Wellness have also written a book! "The Juice Cleanse Reset Diet", sharing knowledge about juicing and how to transform your body for 'increased energy, glowing skin, and a slimmer waistline'. I just got my hands on this book, and I'm so excited about what I'm reading! And guess what?! I've scored all of you that place an order for Ritual Cleanse a FREE book! Yep, the ladies at Ritual will throw a book in just for buying a cleanse! Score!! {Discount Code Below} Now that's a HOT deal!


Get 20% OFF & a FREE book using code: VDaytreat

Offer expires February 14, 2014

Order at:


{I always order the Seasonal Reset Cleanse with the "shred" for every day that I plan to work out while cleansing}



3. Amy Cornwell Jewelry

{True Love Ring(s) and Overcomer Necklace Pictured}

One of my favorite gifts ever given to me was my true love ring with me and my boyfriend's initials (that's my true love ring pictured above to the right). It's on my finger everyday! I'm such a sentimental sap, so anything with initials or dates mean a lot to me and I hold them very dear to my heart! I'm such a fan of all of Amy Cornwell's jewelry because it all has so much meaning and you have the ability to make something custom. Overtime I have collected a few pieces and love my "Overcomer" necklace {pictured above} and my "Princess" ring {pictured below}. Anything from Amy Cornwell Jewelry would be perfect for someone that loves sentimental items that remind your loved one (or yourself) how cherished they/you are.

15% OFF using code: tenley15
expires - 2/4/14
To receive your order in time for Valentine's day, order must be placed by February 4th!


{Amy Cornwell 'Princess' Ring and Juneau Luxe Seychelles 'Blush' Bracelet}


{Wearing my True Love Ring}



4. Photo Shoot with the Boudoir Divas in San Diego

I have had the opportunity to work with The Boudoir Divas several times, but it all started out with a "Supermodel for the Day" Boudoir shoot experience! There's nothing like getting all dolled up and getting to feel extra special... pretty & sexy! Ladies, I highly recommend doing this for Yourself for Valentine's Day, I can't think of a better gift to give to yourself, yes, YOU! Of course if you have a significant other and feel like sharing your hot photos with your man, that's up to you! This is another great gift to ask for! The Boudoir Divas are located in San Diego, but you could always meet them in Paris in the springtime. ;) Once you spend a day with the ladies at the studio you'll continue to go back for more!

Contact The Boudoir Divas to book your photo shoot and find out more about their Valentine's Day packages or meeting up with them in Paris!

You can also order some of their sassy boudoir looks HERE!



claret banner

5. Claret Handbags

This is a handbag collection that is incredibly special to me! I had the privilege of playing a role in designing these gorgeous Vegan Leather bags. I use every single one on a daily (the Marie Jeanne & Bordeaux) or weekly (the Split) basis! I know, I know, I'm partial to them as I had a piece in seeing this beautiful product come to life, but really, they are incredibly functional and fashionable handbags which have been a hit! For this Valentine's Day I was able to get all of you a super HOT deal! 40% OFF!! Ohhh yeah baby!!

40% OFF using code: loveclaret

code expires 2/14/14

Place orders by February 10th to receive your order by Valentine's Day!

Place orders at:


{Pictured: my everyday purse, the Bordeaux. My favorite computer bag, beach bag, travel bag in the Marie Jeanne (in Paris). My "go to" clutch for a day or night out, the Split}



6. Sweet & Free Life Cookie Jars

{Grain Free, Gluten Free, Lower-Glycemic Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix}

Obviously this is something super special to me as it's my creation! I have had a blast pouring my time and love into my cookie jars, they were a hit through Christmas and I think everyone will LOVE them for Valentine's Day. I'll be passing these jars out to close friends, family members, people I work with, and of course those in my life that live a gluten-free or paleo lifestyle, as something as easy and as simple as this is hard to find! But those Paleo lifestyle goers will have to fudge a little for the chocolate chips- but it'll be worth it. ;) Most importantly, everyone will love them!

Offering 15% OFF for Valentine's Day orders!

Use Code: Vday15

Order HERE!!

*Taking orders until noon Pacific Standard Time on Tuesday, February 4th for Valentine's Day orders. All orders will be shipped, Wednesday, February 5th.


A Very Happy Valentine's Day to all of You!!





{Photo by The Boudoir Divas San Diego}



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