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Goodbye Diet, Hello Lifestyle...

The New Year can get so crowded with goals, ideas, new adventures, and it can also be crowded with realities, disappointments, and high expectations. The latter seem to often get in the way, especially those disappointments when you can’t seem to reach all of those high expectations. It seems as though many do so well in their first few days or even weeks of their New Years goals, but many find themselves hitting a bump in the road, get a little off track, and then feel discouraged giving up completely. I so get it. How many of you are feeling this right now? Well, let’s take a step back, brush ourselves off, and try again. ;)

This time let’s take away the ridiculous expectations and that demanding, rigid, boring, extreme, strict DIET. This shall be called the “D” word from now on as it’s a word that often gets too much power, owning us, leaving us trying so many different things; maybe finding some success, but we usually end up right back where we started. Please welcome in my favorite word, “Lifestyle.” It’s all about lifestyle. The goal is to live a happy, healthy, and a fun lifestyle. Yes, healthy can be happy and fun. So let’s do it!

Saying goodbye to the “D” word and working towards a Happy & Healthy Lifestyle is better late then never.

Let’s get started…

5 Tips to Saying Goodbye to Diets and Hello to Lifestyle

1) Set realistic goals. Take a minute to envision what you want your life to look like. This means writing out your ideal daily routine, the activities you want in it, how you want to feel, and the people you want to be a part of this life you see.

2) Find Balance. Focus on your primary foods. This is something I spend time doing with clients as it’s the very best place to begin. We often feed ourselves with food when other places in our lives are feeling empty.  So we work on nourishing your primary foods, which I explain as “soul foods”, so there is less emptiness and less emotional eating. I absolutely love working on creative and fun ways to find this balance with others. If you’re looking for some help in this area, contact me HERE.

3) Say goodbye to the toxins. Remove the things that hold you back from what you want and what you see when you’re imagining your life. This may be a pantry makeover, letting go of relationships or people; perhaps saying “no” more than “yes” to allow you more time to do things that nourish you, or even adding detoxifying practices into your life, monthly cleansing, yoga, and other simple daily practices.

4) Add Healthy Upgrades to your life! Adding in is always easier than taking away. Add foods that nourish you to your daily routine. Add more fresh and organic foods to your life. Add healthy activities that make you smile. Add more time for you and people that add to your life.

5) Find Accountability. Find a friend, loved one, health coach, (I personally would love to work with you) or someone that can walk alongside of you and kindly help you stick to the positive additions you want to bring into your life.

Better late then never my friends. Today is the day. Make some phone calls, move some things around, throw some things away, and add some awesome additions into your life. I would love to help you create this new healthy lifestyle and shed the power that the “D” word holds over you. I meet with clients that live all around the world. That’s the beauty of technology. We can have a virtual meeting from wherever you are. I’d love to hear from you. Contact me to schedule your consultation to see if we are the right fit for each other! I hope to get to meet you soon!

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