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Workout with my iPad

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Workout with my iPad

Confession… I despise the gym, but I love fitness and working out. Anyone else in my shoes?

I hear you! Glad we’re in this together.

So what do I do at the gym and why do I even bother?

Truth is, I don’t hate the gym completely. Once I get myself to the gym and get my workout in, I feel great by the time I’m heading home. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to get myself to the gym, but I have found a few tricks that get me there and make my time enjoyable. Yep, I said enjoyable.

More than half of my workouts I do outdoors or in a class, but sometimes there is no way around the gym. Plus, I have a gym membership, and once you get to know me you learn that I’m not a wasteful person, so I have to make sure I get my money’s worth out …

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My Everyday Necklace

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my EVERYDAY necklace

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When it comes to jewelry I am simple. I love dressing up and putting on all of my “dressy jewels”, but when it comes to my everyday jewelry you’ll find me wearing a simple necklace and maybe simple stud earrings. I thought I’d share with you my most recent favorite “everyday” necklace!

I have been a long time admirer of the Dogeared necklaces and just recently treated myself to one! I gave it to myself as an early birthday present, but really I didn’t need an excuse to buy myself something that I could wear everyday. These necklaces are so dainty I mix it with other metals and layer with other statement pieces, it blends in perfectly, I’m not kidding when I say I wear it all the time.

These necklaces are great gifts, not only for yourself but for your bestie’s birthday, a bride to be, or even a new mom. 

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Holiday Gift Idea for YOU

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I wanted to share a gift idea with all of you that will change your life. I gave this gift to myself around this time last year and my life has been forever changed. Consider this gift for yourself or someone else this year, we all deserve to give ourselves the opportunity of a long, healthy, and happy lifetime!



Remember, YOU deserve this!!!

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Gluten-Free Me

G-Free Sweets in the OC!

A friend took me to the cutest coffee shop in Costa Mesa, CA the other day and it was like finding treasure! I had been eying this little spot for a while, driving past it for several years, but I had never stopped. I’m glad I know about it now, because I will be a frequent visitor!


milk + honey

found at The Camp on Bristol in Costa Mesa

A creative environment offering sweet treats for everyone!
I even got to enjoy a Gluten Free Mint Chocolate cupcake! This was better than most Gfree cupcakes I have tried!
I’m usually a coffee girl, but I had to try their signature Lavendar Tea Latte… YUM!!
Since moving from Oregon in 2002 I’ve been searching for a quaint little coffee shop like this one!
If you live in Orange County or you’re passing by – you should definitely stop and visit this OC sweet spot!

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Fall Fashion in the Air

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I love this time of year; the crisp air, the leaves changing colors, and the fall fashion! I love the hats, the boots, the jackets, and the scarves! Isn’t that funny? I look forward to this time of year partly for my wardrobe, but I know that I’m not alone!

Here are a few of my favorite looks that I’ve been wearing lately that are just perfect for the fall…

even in California!


This dress is darling. It is so feminine and flirty. I love the pleats in the bottom half of the dress, and the leather detailing on the the shoulders. I think this dress would be adorable with some dark tights or knee highs and boots!

I’m absolutely loving this black dress. Flattering, comfortable, and simple! You can dress this  one up or down, and accessorize in several different ways. I loved this dress with my favorite pair of fall boots, and …

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Fashion at the Races

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Every summer the Del Mar Horse racing season begins, kicking it off with “Opening Day”. People come from all over to Del Mar (in San Diego County) to attend this big day of flashy dresses and big hats… oh, and horses! The day is a pretty big deal… actually, really big deal! I started planning my Opening Day outfit probably a month in advance, but I bet you that is nothing to what most of the women put into what they will be wearing. I mean, really, you should see the hats and the rest of the ensemble on some of these women!

This year was my second year attending the Opening Day festivities, I chose a coral dress, gold open toed heels, and a simple black hat with accessories to bring the look together! The accessories were really my favorite part, so I thought I’d share them with you!


All of my accessories

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