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Tenley’s Wedding Planning Series: The Taste of Our Wedding

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The Taste of our Wedding with A MIHO Experience:

MIHO Catering Co. & Barçon Cocktail Co. 

What a treat. Truly. To get to sit down and be wined and dined, just the two of us as if it was our wedding day. There were some decisions to be made, which weren’t easy, but just the two of us, fantastic cocktails and mouth watering food, laughter, and even a little romance! We spent an afternoon with our caterers as we were tasting and choosing our menu items for the day of… but because we were choosing the menu for the day of our Wedding, there were a lot of items to be tasted. So to say we rolled out of there is an understatement. 😉

But you guys!!! I’m so excited to talk about this day we had with our caterers, A MIHO Experience, because (no offense to anything/anyone else) this was the best day of wedding planning so far! We …

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Tenley’s Wedding Planning Series: The Dream Team

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{Photos by Feather & Stone | Fine Art Photography}  Photos taken at Venue, Chez Balliet

My one desire for my wedding day: To just show up and marry my guy.

And it’s happening, and happening quickly! Just a few weeks away and I will be Mrs. Taylor Leopold!

In my hopes to share all of the behind the scenes leading up to this very special day, I wanted to start at the very beginning and walk you through our experience with finding “The Dream Team” that is making my one desire happen, and how we found our venue, and how we picked our quickly approaching date!

The night we got engaged set the tone for everything we started dreaming up for our wedding day. {Read our Engagement Story HERE} Actually… we’ll jump backwards to my second date with Taylor, and that’s what truly set the tone. As you read in our engagement story, Taylor and I have always been …

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You are My Epic Love Story- Our Engagement Story!

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Tenley & Taylor

January 2016 I had finally found true contentment and truly handed over my worries to God about finding “the one”. It had been two years of not being in a committed relationship. I certainly didn’t love being single, I absolutely wanted more, but I finally trusted that it was going to happen and I didn’t need to try to steer the wheel anymore. So with a surrendered, trusting, and care-free heart here’s where the story begins…

January 18, 2016. I received the sweetest text from a stranger I had ever received. It was sincere, confident, transparent, and kind. To get that from one simple text I think says a lot. It was Taylor.

Our mutual friend, Weston had bumped into me the Friday night before telling me there was this guy in his Bible Study he thought I should meet. I said, “no thanks”. Not sure why I said no, because I don’t know how I thought …

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