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“Delight yourself in the Lord & He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust Him & He will do this.” Psalm 37:4-5

Wisdom Tree

The other day my beautiful and adventure loving friend, Emily and I set out on a hike on a more uncommon trail to the Hollywood sign. It had been a bucket list type of goal of mine to get to the Hollywood sign, and it really isn’t that hard, and I’ve lived in southern California for years, so it was time do it! The first hour (maybe two actually) was spent hiking up & down the wrong trails. It actually became pretty comedic as we jogged and dodged several rattle snake infested trails, saying, “this has to be the right trail, this has to be the one!” And then at about a mile in on each trail we would eventually throw our hands up turning around realizing we’re only getting …

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A Little Note that goes a Long Way…

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When is the last time you received a little “hello” from a friend in the mail? Or how about an “I Love You” note from a loved one left on the counter as you’re leaving the house in the morning? Or maybe an encouraging thought on your desk from a co-worker? Hardly ever, right?

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These things don’t happen very often anymore. With the convenience of text messages, snapchats, e-mails, and social media, those special handwritten notes aren’t showing up like they once did. I’m personally one that is guilty of the conveniences in communication these days, but recently I received a sweet note via “snail mail” (you know, the mail you put a stamp on the envelope for). It was a “just because” note from a thoughtful friend that just wanted to let me know she was thinking of me. This made my day receiving a surprise in the mail that felt like someone had gone the extra mile for …

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No More Diet, Hello Lifestyle

Healthy Living

Goodbye Diet, Hello Lifestyle…

The New Year can get so crowded with goals, ideas, new adventures, and it can also be crowded with realities, disappointments, and high expectations. The latter seem to often get in the way, especially those disappointments when you can’t seem to reach all of those high expectations. It seems as though many do so well in their first few days or even weeks of their New Years goals, but many find themselves hitting a bump in the road, get a little off track, and then feel discouraged giving up completely. I so get it. How many of you are feeling this right now? Well, let’s take a step back, brush ourselves off, and try again. 😉

This time let’s take away the ridiculous expectations and that demanding, rigid, boring, extreme, strict DIET. This shall be called the “D” word from now on as it’s a word that often gets too much power, owning us, leaving us …

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