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New Years Deals!

Healthy Living


New Years Deals!

Discounts for YOU!



Some of my favorite things from my Holiday Gift Guide are still honoring great deals! 

Get your friends, family, coworkers, or yourself some great gifts to start off the New Year!

For Good Health:

Start the year with a 3 day juice cleanse to reset your body and give your system a break from all of the goodies and excitement of the holiday season. Follow it by kicking off the rest of your year and learn to live the Beach Babe way. Buying this Nutrition Plan was the best gift I've ever given myself, and it has seriously changed my life.

-When you buy a 3 Day Ritual Cleanse you can get $50 OFF using this code: TENLEY50 This code expires December 31, 2012 To order go to: (I order the Seasonal Reset w/ 3 days of "Shred" to workout)

-For a one time price of $150 you

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Gift Guide Giveaway: Live FashionABLE



Gift Guide Giveaway: Live FashionABLE

FashionABLE has added this gorgeous handmade Bezuayhu scarf to the big Giveaway!!

Don't miss the giveaway, Enter HERE!

Why FashionABLE is on my Holiday Gift Guide...

Beautiful scarves made by someone very special for someone very special. Purhcases of FashionABLE scarves creates sustainable business for women in Africa. Another gift that gives back and something any lady in your life would love. Scarves are the perfect last touch to an outfit during the fall, winter, and even spring seasons. FashionABLE scarves are named after a woman whose life has been changed because of your purchase- that's pretty cool!

Your Special Code: TENLEYFREE for Free Shipping! This code expires December 15th.

Don't wait for the giveaway to be announced, grab a few scarves as gifts!

Check out the rest of my Holiday Gift Guide!

Enter the Giveaway HERE!

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Gift Guide Giveaway: Ritual Wellness


Gift Guide Giveaway: Ritual Wellness


A 3 Day Juice Cleanse is a great way to start the New year!


 Why Ritual CLeanse is on my Holiday Gift Guide...

A juice cleanse may seem like a strange gift to you- but it is a FAVORITE of mine to receive! Order a 3 day Juice Cleanse for that person in your life that loves a fresh start and cares about health, wellness, and nutrition! This is also a great gift to give yourself! Not only can you get a fresh start with a 1-3 day cleanse with Ritual Wellness, but you can order their Juice Packs to have a good selection of Juices around your house to give yourself a great boost through your week.

Your Special Code: TENLEY50 for $50 OFF a 3 Day Cleanse

This code is good through December 31st, so put your orders in to have your 3 day cleanse waiting at your doorstep after …

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