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Bachelorette Live Viewing Party


Bachelorette Live Viewing Party

This season of the Bachelorette has come to an end and Emily will be picking her guy tonight! Who do you think it's going to be... Jef (with 1 F) or Arie? I can't wait to see. I think Emily has done an amazing job as the Bachelorette and has narrowed it down to two men that she could really have a relationship outside the world of Reality TV cameras. But my question is... will there be a proposal? What is the reason for a Live After the Final Rose? We'll just have to watch and see!

To end this exciting season Kiptyn and I will be hosting a Live Viewing Party along with EXTRA TV host, Renee Bargh and our old Bachelor Pad cast mate, The Weatherman. Join us at 5PM PST/8PM EST TONIGHT (Sunday, July 22, 2012) right here. The Spree Cast below is where we can all watch the show together, interact with …

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Healthy Travel Trip: Bring your Waffle Maker!

Gluten-Free Me / Travel

Healthy Travel Tip:

Bring your Waffle Maker!


I have recently discovered my new trick for when I'm traveling... bring my waffle maker! It's brilliant! Why? Well, there's actually a lot you can make with a waffle maker, but for me, I can make my favorite healthy gluten free breakfast every morning while traveling. I am crazy about these Protein Pancakes that I now make as waffles, it's my favorite meal and recipe from the Nutrition Plan that I live by!

Watch this video:

THE LINK... click HERE!

Let's get to the point here... are you still scratching your head about packing a waffle maker on your next trip? Well, think about this... You can save money on room service and hotel breakfasts, you can eat healthy, and have a delicious breakfast! After-all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Oh, and most importantly for my gluten free friends, this is one way you can avoid

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Gluten Free in Washington DC


Gluten free in Washington DC

In recent travels to our nation’s capital I was pleasantly surprised by how gluten free friendly the area was. On the first day from some research through Google, I found a gluten free friendly restaurant, Open City, right across the street from our hotel. It wasn’t just “gluten free friendly”, but they actually had g-free options. The staff was even knowledgeable. When I asked how their kitchen made their gluten-free items I was thrilled to hear that they use clean surfaces and that the owners wife is gluten intolerant and everything has to be up to her standards. This made me happy to hear as many restaurants could have gluten free offerings, but lack a clean gluten free environment in the kitchen. This place seemed to do it’s best to provide that.

Not often do you find a restaurant that serves gluten free pastries, but for breakfast I got to enjoy an egg white omelet, …

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