‘Zingy’ Turkey Burgers

An excellent healthy burger with the perfect ‘zingy’ flavor!


-1 lb Organic (White Meat) Ground Turkey

– 1 Cup (or more) Cilantro, chopped

-2 Serrano Peppers thinly diced

-1/4 Cup Onion, finely chopped

-2-4 cloves of Garlic, minced (I love a lot of garlic)

-1 Egg – * This is optional, you don’t need it, but it will hold everything together even a little better!

-Handful of chopped Green Onions if you have them – these were a last minute toss in for me!

-Season with Himalayan Pink Salt, Fresh Ground Black Pepper, and a sprinkle of Red Chilli Flakes for added Zing!


-Prep all of your ingredients that need to be chopped, diced, and minced!

-Combine all ingredients in a bowl with Organic Ground Turkey. Use a fork or hands to mix everything in. I have the most success with my hands, but make sure you wash them well!

-Divide into size of pattys you want to serve. I think bite size might be fun for a Superbowl party coming up!

-Stick your Zingy Turkey Burger pattys on the grill or on the stove top to cook until cooked all the way through. If cooking on the stove top, use a little Grapeseed Oil to avoid sticking to the pan.

-Place on a Gluten Free Bun, Lettuce Wrap, or my favorite… on top of a bed of lettuce (like a nice spring mix)!

-If you’re creating a Salad I placed my Turkey Burger right on top of the bed of greens, added the saute I made (recipe below), sprinkled with goat cheese, added sliced avocado, and a balsamic drizzle on top— soooo delicious! Would be delicious with a lite Honey Mustard as well.


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