Portabello Mushroom Pizza

One of my first Gluten Free culinary experiments! 😉

A family favorite, easy to make for 1 person to several people! You can get so creative with your pizzas, use ANY toppings! Plus, using a Portabello Mushroom as your  crust is highly nutritious compared to sugary doughy crusts (but I do love those too;) )!

For Vegetarians, make this meatless!!


Portabello Mushrooms (size and amount is up to you for the crowd you’re cooking for. Mini Portabello’s are great for a party appetizer)

Gluten Free Pizza Sauce/Pasta Sauce/Tomato Sauce

Raw Cheese Shredded

Any kind of toppings you can think of: sausage, pepperoni, ground turkey, veggies galore! All for your tastebuds!


Just grab a few portabello mushrooms, big or medium size, wash them, remove the stem and the “gills”

Use some pizza sauce, pasta sauce, or tomato sauce (make sure it’s gluten free), and spread sauce inside the mushroom.

Sprinkle with cheese and add any other ingredients you love on your pizza! Don’t be afraid to be creative! I only had spinach, cheese, and sauce in my house when I made these, but I can’t wait to add more toppings! Leave a comment telling me the toppings you used!

Bake at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes!


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