Lemon Zest Turkey Bowl

I’m headed off to the beautiful island of Maui in just a few days to celebrate a friends wedding, I cannot wait. But heading to a tropical Hawaiian island means bikini time, and heading to a wedding means picture time! It’s time to get ready and feel extra confident for all of our skin-bearing activities and all of those photos that will be around forever. So I am eating “Lean, Clean, and Green” this week. 

This recipe is super easy and super good for you! Look at those ingredients! 

“Lean, Clean, and Green” and TONS of Protein!



*Portions to your liking and the amount of people you’re feeding. I laid all of the ingredients out and let each individual dress it up how they wanted*

-Greens (I used spinach)

-Cooked Organic Ground Turkey (I used extra lean)


-Non-fat Plain Greek Yogurt



-Brown your Turkey (you can sprinkle a little Mrs. Dash for taste if you like)

-Lay your ground turkey on a bed of Spinach (or other greens)

-Put a dollop (or a little more 😉 ) of Non-Fat Greek Yogurt on top

-Add Avocado

-Squeeze Fresh Lemon Juice on your Dish to your liking!

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