Cheese & Figs

A perfect party “go to” appetizer! Easy to put together too!

A great, tasty, sweet, and savory snack.


-Dried Figs, diced into thirds or even smaller

(mission is what I used & love, you can find them in the bulk section at Whole Foods or at your local supermarket near the rest of the dried snacks)

-A nutty sharp cheese, diced into small square or rectangular pieces

(I used a cheese I found at whole foods called Robusta this time. It’s a type of gouda. Other great cheeses would be any sheep or goat cheeses, or you could try a swiss. I highly recommend using Raw Cheese)



-dice dried figs and cheese and place on toothpicks, putting figs on first and cheese second. Your cheese & figs will stand on their own with the cheese as the bottom.

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