BBQ Chicken Salad

By now you’ve probably figured out that I love simple meals that don’t take very much effort. Here’s another one for you that is easy, full of flavor, and is healthy and nutritious!

You can use any kind of protein besides chicken if you’re not a meat/poultry eater.

(Beans, Tempeh, Fish, Red Meat are other options for your personal lifestyle)

You’re getting additional protein in this meal from your Greek Yogurt, Quinoa, and Spinach!


-Protein: Chicken (used above), Red Meat, Beans, Tempeh, Fish
-Grapeseed Oil (for cooking in pan)
-Low Sugar Gluten Free BBQ Sauce
-Leafy Greens
-Organic corn
-Cooked Quinoa
-Chopped Red Onions
-Raw Cheese (use lightly)
-Greek Yogurt for Dressing


-Slice your chicken breast (or other protein) into small slices, and place in a frying pan w/ some grape seed oil
-Use a spatula to move your chicken around the frying pan to start cooking your meat

-Add a bit of Gluten Free BBQ sauce to your chicken, you don’t need much, just enough for taste

*keep it healthy by using minimal BBQ sauce and one with very little sugar*

-Continue to cook chicken until it is cooked through and ready to serve

-Lay your now cooked BBQ Chicken over a bed of lettuce. I love using Spinach, or spring (spinach) mixes that have a lot of nutrients (dietary fiber, protein, and lots of vitamins)

-Add cilantro, corn, red onions and cooked quinoa

-You can add a little cheese (cheddar is best for flavor in this recipe), but keep the cheese light, or opt for a night without it, you’ll still have plenty of flavor

-For your dressing, use Nonfat Greek Yogurt and add just a squirt of Gluten Free BBQ sauce. Again, you don’t need much, just enough for flavor. Stir together and drizzle on top of your salad!

-Remember that the trick is in your dressing and keeping sauce lite. You don’t need much sauce, just enough to give you that BBQ flavor taste, but feel free to use as much Greek Yogurt as you like!

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