Living a Sweet & Free Life!

Living a Sweet & Free Life is learning how rewarding and positive making life changes is, not seeing these life alterations as sacrifices but as the most freeing life you can give yourself.

My personal story began with years of pain and illness and never knowing the cause, until a few years ago when I looked at my lifestyle and realized I could live a much better life. My specific unknown enemy was gluten, but I also had to learn how to live a well-balanced lifestyle.

After tackling my own personal health issues, my passion for nutrition grew immensely and I decided that I wanted to further my knowledge and education so that I could help others find the unknown causes of years of pain and illness and guide others in learning to live a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle!

I hope that Sweet & Free Life will help educate you on your journey to living well and I would love to personally help you get there! Learn more about my Health Coaching Services.