I Love You, Pumpkin. Grain Free Pumpkin Pancakes

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Oh, Pumpkin. You bring the fall spirit to life. Your scents, your taste, the warm and fuzzy feelings that brings this season to life. 

Ohhhh... Hey! Just a little love going on between me and my beloved Pumpkin. And really, pumpkin, the orange ooey gooey stuff, not a dreamy tall and handsome fella. ;) (He's on my Christmas wish list!)

I could go on about Pumpkin, especially because this magical orange guy is just as wonderful as the Pumpkin in the story of Cinderella! Pumpkin is so nutritiously beneficial, full of antioxidants and vitamins, but enough about that!

Onto the Pancakes!


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  • Jennifer Lovely


    Tenley~ All good things and great love come in time! So fun to meet you. Looking forward to checking out some of your recipes! Best of Luck with business and Love! -Jen Lovely


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