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Iceland: Horseback Riding & Gluten Free Picnics on Black Sand Beaches

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  The Black Sand Beaches of Vik, Iceland


Our first day in Iceland was full (read about our first day HERE), but we weren’t about to miss a beat for our second day exploring this beautiful and mystical country. I could say that this day was my favorite, but really, I’ll say that about each day. Iceland is just magical, full of adventure, romantic, and absolutely picturesque.

Day 2 we woke up and hit the road to the black sand beaches of Vik. Day 2 will take a couple posts to share, because yet again, we packed the day full, and kept going into the middle of the night. The first highlight of the day was horseback riding on these black sand beaches, this was something that both Taylor and I had said was something that we wanted to make sure we would do while visiting Vik.


The Iceland horses are something different. One, they’re everywhere, and they’re super friendly! …

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Iceland: Gluten Free Eats, Endless Sunsets, & Sweet Memories Day One

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ten photos ice london-11

{Photo by Taylor Leopold}

“Here’s to the twilight, here’s to the memories. These are my souvenirs, my mental pictures of everything. Here’s to the late nights, here’s to the firelight. These are my souvenirs.”-Switchfoot

How does one even put into words the beauty and magic of Iceland? Honestly. I’ve been home from my beautiful adventure to Iceland for some time now, but I’ve struggled to find the voice that I wanted to have as I shared this with all of you. I want to share the beauty we got to take in over the four days we spent driving across the south part of Iceland! But of course, I want to share with you the Gluten Free Eats we found along the way and any healthy travel upgrades I might have been able to put to use on this adventure.

The sweetest memories come with an adventure like this of course, so luckily I was traveling with my incredibly talented …

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Must Have Travel Snacks

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One of the most frequent questions that I’m asked is about how to eat healthy (or even for me, gluten free) while traveling! It’s a great question as it seems daunting for many to be able to stick to eating for their personal dietary needs or even attempting to stick to their healthy eating practices while traveling, but after several trips full of trial and error (hunger pains to “gluten poisoning” tummy aches), I think I have found some must have travel snacks for domestic and international travel.

I’m highlighting some of my favorite travel snacks/foods that I’ve found work best for me, and even better, my DIY Cleanse business partner, Emily and I have created a full travel guide as one of our many bonuses when you download the cleanse! So if you’ve been waiting for the right moment to download your DIY Cleanse and join our community, I’d say the time is now! 😉 Click HERE for …

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My Ode to The Bachelor

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“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,

“Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Six years ago a very broken girl showed up in Los Angeles for a very unknown adventure ahead. Broken, but hopeful. She had no clue what was in store, and would have never imagined what would actually take place and how it would change her heart, soul, and her life all together. The thought that this adventure could possibly help her put the broken pieces back together, would have never crossed her mind, but that’s exactly what happened.

Six years ago that broken girl was me. My world as I had known it had crumbled all around me. My heart was broken into fragile little pieces, and I had no clue what could possibly be ahead. There was fear in not knowing how the healing process would go, and a fear …

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Spacation Girls Weekend at La Costa Resort & Spa

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“Surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart, and nourish your soul.”

Life. It’s such a wild ride, isn’t it? If I could share every detail with you, and I’m sure if you could share every detail of your life with me, we would stand staring at each other with our hands over our mouths surprised by the challenges and heartaches we face as we go about our daily lives. But I guarantee you, if we stood with each other sharing all of our blessings, we would be smiling and so happy for one another.

My friends have become a lifeline for me, a huge blessing! They have given me a safe space to share my highs and my lows. Truly, they inspire me, teach me, encourage me, and their presence in my life nourishes my soul!

The last several months have been busy… I like being busy, so I feel like I say …

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That Hallelujah Moment

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Have you ever experienced a “Hallelujah Moment”? Like a moment where you just stop dead in your tracks and just need to give thanks for all that has been done in your life, and that is being done? Maybe it’s not even a moment where you’re giving thanks or praise for what is going on in your own life, but perhaps it’s even in those moments where you actually feel purpose, and you know God is doing something with this life He has given you.


I’ve experienced several “Hallelujah moments”, but one that has captured a large piece of my heart forever is the moment you see in the top picture. In fact, there were a lot of moments like this last year (October 2014) when I was fortunate enough to get to travel to the Philippines with the non-profit organization, Kusewera (I traveled to Malawi, Africa with them as well) to serve at an orphanage, a girl’s home, a …

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My Simple Plane Workout

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My Simple Plane Workout

 photo 4

Flying to Malawi, Africa was quite a trek. We started with a red-eye from LA to Washington DC and then had a long layover and finally hopped on a 14 hour flight to Ethiopia! Yes, 14 hours, and that was not our final destination. About 4 more hours and we finally arrived to this very special place I will get to spend  two weeks in.

I don’t know about you, but sitting for more than just a few hours I begin to ache. My hips, my lower back, my ribs begin to ache and then feel numb, thanks to old dance injuries, so I have to move and I have to stretch! I also become very restless and drive myself crazy, haha.

I always walk around or stretch when I can during layovers or when on the plane, but today called for an actual workout. A little toning never hurt anybody, right?! No way.  And you …

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My Humanitarian Trip to Malawi, Africa!

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My Humanitarian Trip to Malawi, Africa!

Hey Friends!!

I’m thrilled to share that I’m going on a humanitarian service trip this summer (end of July-first week of August), working with kids in Malawi, Africa!  I have been thinking and praying about this trip for the last two years, and this year it is weighing heavy on my heart to get up and “GO!” and to serve these children and community. You’ve probably heard or seen me mention about Kusewera, the foundation I will be going with. Kusewera’s  mission is about empowering kids in Africa through active and creative play. I’ll be working at the orphanage Mtendere Village.  I hope to enrich the lives of the kids through various activities such as sports clinics and music jam sessions and teaching skills that will be valuable to them.  I’m especially excited to dance with them, teaching them some of my moves, and them teaching me.

I’ve been supporting Kusewera from afar, …

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Gluten Free in Charleston, SC

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Gluten Free in Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina is such a charming place to visit! We recently had the opportunity to visit Charleston for an awesome event, the Slimdown the South Softball game raising money and awareness for a very important cause, Louis Kids, focusing on childhood obesity. We were so happy and honored to be able to be a part of this event as focusing on living a healthy and active lifestyle is important to both of us. Our good buddy, Roberto was on our team, so of course we ended up winning the game! 😉

We were in Charleston for this very special cause, but of course we had to eat, and my goal when visiting a new city is to try to explore gluten free friendly restaurants. Charleston had several, and if we had more time I would have visited every single one, but we made it to two, I’ll consider that great.

On our first …

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Healthy Travel Trip: Bring your Waffle Maker!

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Healthy Travel Tip:

Bring your Waffle Maker!

I have recently discovered my new trick for when I’m traveling… bring my waffle maker! It’s brilliant! Why? Well, there’s actually a lot you can make with a waffle maker, but for me, I can make my favorite healthy gluten free breakfast every morning while traveling. I am crazy about these Protein Pancakes that I now make as waffles, it’s my favorite meal and recipe from the Nutrition Plan that I live by!

Watch this video:


Let’s get to the point here… are you still scratching your head about packing a waffle maker on your next trip? Well, think about this… You can save money on room service and hotel breakfasts, you can eat healthy, and have a delicious breakfast! After-all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Oh, and most importantly for my gluten free friends, this is one way you can avoid at least

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