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Southern Summer Nights Look

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Southern Summer Nights

On our recent trip to Charleston, South Carolina I had to have something to wear that would fit in with the southern charm. I went to my friends at and found the perfect outfit that made me feel like a Southern Belle.

As soon we landed in Charleston, our first stop was our dinner reservations at one of the best restaurants in town, S.N.O.B. (Slightly North of Broad). We cleaned up quickly from our day of travel and got into our clean clothes for dinner. I knew exactly what I was going to wear!

Summer Anthem:Summer nights

For my Southern Summer Nights outfit I chose this sweet lace tank paired with this peach skirt. I kept the accessories simple wearing my favorite everyday necklace and of course a belt! Have you noticed I belt everything? I found a cute lace bandeau to go under the tank. Last but not least, I thought that a pair of feminine

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Bachelorette Live Viewing Party


Bachelorette Live Viewing Party

This season of the Bachelorette has come to an end and Emily will be picking her guy tonight! Who do you think it’s going to be… Jef (with 1 F) or Arie? I can’t wait to see. I think Emily has done an amazing job as the Bachelorette and has narrowed it down to two men that she could really have a relationship outside the world of Reality TV cameras. But my question is… will there be a proposal? What is the reason for a Live After the Final Rose? We’ll just have to watch and see!

To end this exciting season Kiptyn and I will be hosting a Live Viewing Party along with EXTRA TV host, Renee Bargh and our old Bachelor Pad cast mate, The Weatherman. Join us at 5PM PST/8PM EST TONIGHT (Sunday, July 22, 2012) right here. The Spree Cast below is where we can all watch the show together, interact with …

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Confidence is Key in Your Bikini!

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It’s Bikini season as summer is right around the corner, are you ready?!

This year I actually felt ready to hit the beach as I vacationed in Maui. Here’s the secret to feeling ready…

My greatest secret for looking bikini ready is confidence. Honestly, I haven’t always had the confidence that I want to have, I am just as human as anyone else, so I have made a choice to do something about it. It wouldn’t be fair of me to not share with you how I gained this dose of healthy confidence, so here we go…

Time to get really honest… I have always been active and cared about being in shape and working out, but I had horrible eating habits. I would skip meals, and end up pigging out on junk food. There was nothing fun about that, but for some reason I thought it was the way to do it. …

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Day with The Boudoir Divas

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Lingerie: Victoria’s Secret
Cute dresses: Bebe (Tenley’s sparkly dress)
Accessories: Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters (Forever 21 is actually where most of the funky accessories came from – like the rings)
Shoes: Steve Madden and (Tenley’s Black heels were Steve Madden)

Give them a call and they can help you find the best photographers in your area through their
Boudoir Referral Network!

I felt like a supermodel for a day when I recently spent a day with The Boudoir Divas in San Diego! I spent a whole day with these ladies starting my morning in hair and makeup getting all dolled up with their fabulous hair and makeup girl, Peggy! I felt incredible, but then they took me to their super cute dressing room full of plenty of options to play dress

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Special Discount for You!

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Hey Friends!

I promised you some great fashion finds and special deals!! Well, I have a great one for you! My friends at where I find many of my fashion finds,

would like to give you15% off of your purchase when you go shopping at Shop Moderne!

How do you get this deal? It’s EASY!! Just go shopping and put in code:


Recent faves from

Just Click on picture to go to the item I’m wearing!

Green Mini Dress worn for Kiptyn’s Birthday!

“I’m in Love” Sweater I wore for Kiptyn’s Birthday surprise adventure!

Perfect sundress with Pockets for our day at MySpace!





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Behind the Scenes with 31 Bits PhotoShoot

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Behind the Scenes of 31Bits Elasticity Photo Shoot

I had the pleasure of working with one of my favorite organizations, 31Bits on a campaign they did for their Elasticity Jewelry. This photo shoot was very special to me because of the women behind 31Bits and their hearts of their mission behind their organization. These ladies are doing some very big things and making a huge difference for women in Uganda, but also on the hearts they sale their jewelry to. I know for myself, that every time I wear 31Bits I feel empowered and excited to keep “paying it forward” and making a difference in my community and around the world!

The day of the photo shoot was a complete blast! The girls had champagne and gummy bears on set to kick off the shoot! Which by the way, is my favorite combination! They had a hair & makeup artist along with a fabulous stylist, Summer Watkins that

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Only Human


I’ve always tried to live my life in a way that would be considered “living above reproach.” I learned at a young age what this meant and it became my way of doing things. I never wanted people to question how I was living my life; I wanted what they were seeing to truly be who I was. As I have grown up I have been placed in some pretty incredible and unique situations that I have realized have made people wonder, who I am. I would even get caught up in worrying so much about what other people were thinking or how my actions may be perceived, that I was beginning to miss the joy in just living life.

Recently, my parents, stopped me and told me, “Tenley, you are 26 years old, you have lived a very honest life, and you have experienced some unique things, and have experienced some really hard life trials… don’t worry so much …

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Recently I had one of those days; you know, the ones where everything just seems to NOT go your way. Work was overwhelming, my mind was wandering all over the place, and I just couldn’t seem to focus. I felt like screaming at the world to just stop for a minute and give me a chance to breathe. Just when I felt like I was going to burst, I drove to Peet’s Coffee (for may latest favorite, iced soy chai), mainly to clear my mind. As I was driving, I was talking to a friend of mine (and updating my Twitter :), and they told me how blessed I was. My initial thought was, “blessed…are you kidding me? My life is out of control”. And then I began to reflect on all the things God has done in my life, and to be honest, I then felt a bit guilty. Recently, I’ve been living out my dream and here I

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