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G-Free Travel Snacks

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G-Free Travel Snacks

Gluten Free friends, as you know traveling is a challenge when it comes to simply feeding yourself. I have sat on airplanes and in airports so hungry due to little or no options of g-free choices.  It seems almost impossible at the airport restaurants to avoid cross contamination, and all of the pre-made salads don’t give enough details of contents and preparation, and forget sandwiches- we’ve learned to move on from that option as soon as we said as we said goodbye to gluten. And I can’t even count how many times I have been on a flight when the only snack options were cookies, crackers, or pretzel mixes. The flights over three hours are the worst. So now, I just pack my own snacks, better safe then sorry. This also leaves me with easy go to options when I get to my destination (beats racking up the mini-bar bill). So no more hunger, just pack yourself …

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Holiday Gift Idea for YOU

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I wanted to share a gift idea with all of you that will change your life. I gave this gift to myself around this time last year and my life has been forever changed. Consider this gift for yourself or someone else this year, we all deserve to give ourselves the opportunity of a long, healthy, and happy lifetime!



Remember, YOU deserve this!!!

Check out Tenley’s Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway!

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Gluten-Free Me

G-Free Sweets in the OC!

A friend took me to the cutest coffee shop in Costa Mesa, CA the other day and it was like finding treasure! I had been eying this little spot for a while, driving past it for several years, but I had never stopped. I’m glad I know about it now, because I will be a frequent visitor!


milk + honey

found at The Camp on Bristol in Costa Mesa

A creative environment offering sweet treats for everyone!
I even got to enjoy a Gluten Free Mint Chocolate cupcake! This was better than most Gfree cupcakes I have tried!
I’m usually a coffee girl, but I had to try their signature Lavendar Tea Latte… YUM!!
Since moving from Oregon in 2002 I’ve been searching for a quaint little coffee shop like this one!
If you live in Orange County or you’re passing by – you should definitely stop and visit this OC sweet spot!

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