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That Hallelujah Moment

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Have you ever experienced a “Hallelujah Moment”? Like a moment where you just stop dead in your tracks and just need to give thanks for all that has been done in your life, and that is being done? Maybe it’s not even a moment where you’re giving thanks or praise for what is going on in your own life, but perhaps it’s even in those moments where you actually feel purpose, and you know God is doing something with this life He has given you.


I’ve experienced several “Hallelujah moments”, but one that has captured a large piece of my heart forever is the moment you see in the top picture. In fact, there were a lot of moments like this last year (October 2014) when I was fortunate enough to get to travel to the Philippines with the non-profit organization, Kusewera (I traveled to Malawi, Africa with them as well) to serve at an orphanage, a girl’s home, a …

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My Humanitarian Trip to Malawi, Africa!

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My Humanitarian Trip to Malawi, Africa!

Hey Friends!!

I’m thrilled to share that I’m going on a humanitarian service trip this summer (end of July-first week of August), working with kids in Malawi, Africa!  I have been thinking and praying about this trip for the last two years, and this year it is weighing heavy on my heart to get up and “GO!” and to serve these children and community. You’ve probably heard or seen me mention about Kusewera, the foundation I will be going with. Kusewera’s  mission is about empowering kids in Africa through active and creative play. I’ll be working at the orphanage Mtendere Village.  I hope to enrich the lives of the kids through various activities such as sports clinics and music jam sessions and teaching skills that will be valuable to them.  I’m especially excited to dance with them, teaching them some of my moves, and them teaching me.

I’ve been supporting Kusewera from afar, …

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What Would You Do?

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What Would YOU Do?

My buddy Robert works on an awesome show called What Would You Do. Because of him I’ve been trying to catch it as often as possible (Friday nights, 9PM EST/PST on ABC). They always have great scenarios that really make me think “What Would I Do?” This last Friday, one of the segments tugged at my heart strings. Even though it was just a scenario observing how most passer by’s would react to a situation, this one felt so real to me.


        What Would YOU Do?

What were your thoughts after watching this? Did you think about what you would have done in that situation?

The older gentleman, Arnie, at the end really put this whole situation into perspective for me. We’ve all been through hard times, different struggles, different situations, but what was it that got you through that time? For me, it is always hope that was …

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Behind the Scenes with 31 Bits PhotoShoot

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Behind the Scenes of 31Bits Elasticity Photo Shoot

I had the pleasure of working with one of my favorite organizations, 31Bits on a campaign they did for their Elasticity Jewelry. This photo shoot was very special to me because of the women behind 31Bits and their hearts of their mission behind their organization. These ladies are doing some very big things and making a huge difference for women in Uganda, but also on the hearts they sale their jewelry to. I know for myself, that every time I wear 31Bits I feel empowered and excited to keep “paying it forward” and making a difference in my community and around the world!

The day of the photo shoot was a complete blast! The girls had champagne and gummy bears on set to kick off the shoot! Which by the way, is my favorite combination! They had a hair & makeup artist along with a fabulous stylist, Summer Watkins that

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