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Only Human


I’ve always tried to live my life in a way that would be considered "living above reproach." I learned at a young age what this meant and it became my way of doing things. I never wanted people to question how I was living my life; I wanted what they were seeing to truly be who I was. As I have grown up I have been placed in some pretty incredible and unique situations that I have realized have made people wonder, who I am. I would even get caught up in worrying so much about what other people were thinking or how my actions may be perceived, that I was beginning to miss the joy in just living life. Recently, my parents, stopped me and told me, “Tenley, you are 26 years old, you have lived a very honest life, and you have experienced some unique things, and have experienced some really hard life trials… don’t worry so much…

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Recently I had one of those days; you know, the ones where everything just seems to NOT go your way. Work was overwhelming, my mind was wandering all over the place, and I just couldn’t seem to focus. I felt like screaming at the world to just stop for a minute and give me a chance to breathe. Just when I felt like I was going to burst, I drove to Peet's Coffee (for may latest favorite, iced soy chai), mainly to clear my mind. As I was driving, I was talking to a friend of mine (and updating my Twitter :), and they told me how blessed I was. My initial thought was, “blessed…are you kidding me? My life is out of control”. And then I began to reflect on all the things God has done in my life, and to be honest, I then felt a bit guilty. Recently, I’ve been living out my dream and here I …

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